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Case Review and proper research

Drawing on decades of cyber experience, we look at each case to develop a personalized plan of action.


Cyber Security

Through comprehensive cyber research, we fervently pursue solutions to safeguard your information, diligently meeting tight deadlines when required.


Cyber Defense

With our in-house tools and strategies, we ensure utmost security for your devices and accounts, surpassing all expectations.

Our Expertise

Specialist Cyber Security Services

Customized Product

Customized Product that is tailoered made for our client’s spesific needs. Please contact us for a qoute.


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Cyber security program

Report includes relevant information, cybersecurity program, and expert-signed certificate for client safety.

Price: $5,880.00


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Cyber diagnosis

We will review cyber weakness, source, and concrete solutions provided.

Price: $1,558.00


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Cyber expert approval

Expert-signed certificate, detailed report: resolved cyber issue, weakness, source, concrete solution.

Price: $3,880.00


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Cyber intelligence product

Including primary products only. Complicated product price – per case.

Price: $1,480.00


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Source Code Check

Including a report regarding the cybersecurity issue’s source.

Price: $980.00


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When it seems as though all is lost, we bring tried and tested strategies to successfully solve cyber problems.


We’ve Got Your Back

Cyber Security Expertise

With a proven track record of solving complex cyber security issues, we bring specialist skills and strategies to help resolve your case. 

Honest Communication

We promise to be transparent if we don’t think your case will result in significant success. Each case is assessed individually, with advice and alternative solutions offered for those where full or partial success is unlikely. Simply book a no-obligation consultation today.


Success Stories

  • CyberSheli LTD guided our team to work safer online. Their expertise and support were invaluable. Highly recommended!

    Ronald Bird
    United Kingdom
  • CyberSheli LTD’s consultation was a game-changer for our organization. Their practical advice and proactive approach transformed our online security practices. We now feel more confident and well-prepared.

    Caroline Bundgaard
  • Impressed by CyberSheli LTD’s professionalism and knowledge in cybersecurity. Their personalized guidance and training sessions empowered our team to stay vigilant and protected in today’s digital landscape.

    Aubrey Thomas

With Dedicated Cyber Defense

Our team specializes in information security to secure your data and build a solid defense against future risk.

Expert Cyber Security Issues Solver

We investigate complex cyber-attacks and sophisticated online threats with in-depth knowledge of malware technology. 

Failsafe Strategies for a Swift Resolution

Unlike many other cyber security companies, we start the process and launch an in-depth cyber case review. Employing tailored strategies based on your case, we know all the necessary reporting regulations and resolution codes to get it solved quickly.

Want to know how to feel safe again online after a cyber event?